09/22/15 Class Takeaways

First: During our project work time we were working on our mission statement, and it was fairly hard to understand the concept and need of one, as well as to come up with one. The article Answer 4 Questions to Get a Great Mission Statement helped understand why we need one as well as how to actually […]

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09/18/2015 Class Takeaways

Unfortunately I was not available to attend the 09/18/15 class, but as I was reading over the learning plan I decided to do my takeaways on terms regarding the learning plan. First: Brand Strategies: I believe this refers to the methods used on creating a successful brand for our product. Brand referring to how others […]

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09/15/2015 Class Takeaways

First: During class we were talking about Google analytics, and how it can tell you alot of things about your current users. During the conversation we talked about Google spider bots that search all the pages  to find the one that best fits your search. I really didn’t know about these spiders. In the video How […]

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09/11/15 Class Takeaways

First:  During class we learned about the importance of market research, and how there is Qualitative and Quantitative market research. Qualitative refers to trying to understand why people feel a certain way, or think a certain way. Where as Quantitative refers to seeing how many people feel a certain way or think a certain way. […]

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09/08/2015 Class Take-aways

First Take-away: My first take-away was the Psychographics in OLd Spice Commercials. Psyhographics refers to the interests and opinions of people, and targeting those interest and opinions. I was interested by the Old Spice commercials because some were targeting men and some were targeting women, but all their commercials were using the idea of what […]

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09/04/2015 Class Take-aways

First take-away: Google is always coming up with great products to entertain users, help them become more knowledgeable, and now even to make better websites. When it comes to technology and marketing, Google analytics can really help you better understand your audience, market your page better, and create a webpage that will be more appealing […]

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