09/04/2015 Class Take-aways

First take-away: Google is always coming up with great products to entertain users, help them become more knowledgeable, and now even to make better websites. When it comes to technology and marketing, Google analytics can really help you better understand your audience, market your page better, and create a webpage that will be more appealing to your audience. The article How To Analyze Your Audience In Google Analytics really helps you understand what Google analytics is and how it can be beneficial to you.

The article explains how once your script for Google analytics is installed it can help you understand more about your audience. With Google analytics you can track where your audience is coming from, meaning that it can tell you if your audience is coming from a social media after seeing it there, or if they’re coming through a third party page with a link to your page, or even if they’re straight up typing your page on their browser, it can also tell you what browser they’re using, and even where they’re located. This way if you find out that most of you’re audience comes from a social media like twitter, then you can focus more on advertisement through twitter, or if you have been targeting a local audience but find out that most of your audience comes from over seas, you can modify your page to be more appealing to people over seas. Also, with each browser being different, knowing what browser your page is mostly viewed on can help you better improve your page to maximize the user experience that are using that certain browser. 

This are only a few of the things Google analytics can do, as i mentioned earlier the above article goes much more in depth about Google analytics.

Second Take-away: Typically when a piece of software comes up with an update they name that update something along the lines of Number.Number (Example: original name of software– Pen, updated version — Pen.2). The same thing happened when an update in the sales industry occurred. This update was called Sales 2.0. The article What the Heck is Sales 2.0 (& Why Should I Care)? explains how the old model of Sales used by sells people is dying off and a new updated version is taking it’s place. The article explains how inbound marketing has realized that the traditional interruption based marketing is not very useful any more. what this means is that the method of using continuous advertising such as newsletters, videos, physical products to bring people in, is  not very useful any more. Related to this, the article also tells how outbound marketing such as paper mail, spam email, calling consumers, etc. is due to come to an end in this era. To me this was the most useful piece of the article, the rest of the article didn’t explain much more about sales 2.o. To understand the updated sales model named sales 2.0 I watched the video Sales Coaching TV — Episode 1: What is Sales 2.0 and how do I get started? this video at about minute 2:00 starts explaining how sales 2.0 is basically using what is called web 2.0 to better sale a product. so what is web 2.0? the Video What is Web 2.0? explains how web 2.0 is the second generation of the internet. The first generation was basically using web pages just to acquire information, while the second generation is more interactive web pages were people can collaborate with each other, share information, and  operate all at once on the web. Sales 2.o is simply using a more interactive internet such as social media to sell their products. Instead of calling people on the phone or sending them spam email, you can use twitter and/or facebook among other social media tools to better brand your product and target your audience based on what others say about you. The video goes on to describe that many think that this is just a fashion that will go away soon, but that in reality is gaining strength, and to take advantage of it we have to learn to use social media to create a network where we can sell our product.

Third Take-away: Marketing relies a lot in your personal relationship with your customers, or your company’s personal relationship with the customers. The way your consumers view you is very important for the future of your company. No one is perfect but keeping a good image  even after your down falls is very important. In class we saw United Breaks Guitars video and learned how this one single man, with a 4 minute video really hurt the image of the company, according to Wikepdia Article: United Breaks Guitars the company’s stock lost 10% in value in just four days after the video was posted, that was an estimated $180 million dollars lost. This is an example of how bad customer service can hurt your company, but every company will have mix ups and errors. That is why customer service is very important for a company. The video The Best Service Recovery Story… Ever! gives, in my opinion, the best example of customer service recovery.  The video tells of the story when Jon Picoult, a customer service advisory, suffered from bad customer service. He tells how a few years back while working for a large financial company he was invited to a large event at the Ritz Carlton hotel for the top sells people of the company. During he’s stay there he went through several misfortunes, but each time a misfortune happened, the hotel made sure to go beyond what was expected of them to overshadow the misfortune they had made Jon Picoult go through. At the end of the day the Hotel spent alot of money fixing their errors, but on the long term they kept Jon Picoult happy, he gave a good review about the hotel to his peers from the financial company, which made the financial company happy, and now 41,000 people have viewed his video online giving a good image of the hotel to all who have seen the video. Jon explains how because of their action they could’ve potentially lost alot of money if the company had decided to not book any more events in that hotel, so the hotel worked hard at keeping them happy to keep getting their business. United airlines didn’t understand this concept and that caused them $180 million dollars, if they had fixed their error and overshadow the misfortune that they caused to their consumer, the way the Ritz Carlton hotel did, they would’ve saved themselves a lot of money.

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