09/08/2015 Class Take-aways

First Take-away:

My first take-away was the Psychographics in OLd Spice Commercials. Psyhographics refers to the interests and opinions of people, and targeting those interest and opinions. I was interested by the Old Spice commercials because some were targeting men and some were targeting women, but all their commercials were using the idea of what a “Man” is to sell the product. They are using  psychographics to target our opinions and ideas of what a man is. The commercials Old Spice Manly Test Commercial and Old Spice – I’m a man teach that in order to be a man you have to like sports, be hairy, and be tough. This are usually what we consider “Manly”, and Old Spice is taking that opinion/idea of what a man is and telling us that if we fit that category (which usually most guys will like to consider themselves as manly) we will use Old Spice because that’s what other men like us use. The second set of commercials Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and Old Spice | Questions are targeted to women, but still use this idea of what a man is supposed to be, and tell women that if they want their man to be like a real man that they need to get them Old Spice. I found this the most interesting because Old Spice being for men is targeting women, but after considering that women make most of the car buying decisions, it could also be that they make most of the buying decisions over all, so targeting women and telling them to get Old Spice for their man could be very beneficial to the company.

Second Take-away: 

Like many others, I thought of positioning as the way a product is placed on the shelf. The video What is Positioning or Brand Positioning?  explains how there is no such thing of product positioning, I’m not sure if that’s completely true, but it does go more in depth about what positioning in regards to differentiation is. They tell how positioning is creating a specific perception of the product. They take the example of Volvo is considered the safest car in America, so buyer’s perception of the car is Safety. If there’s a competitor in the car market they’ll have to differentiate their product by creating a different perception of their product, in other words they’ll have to position their product differently.

Third Takeaway:

STP stands for segmentation, targeting, and positioning. This means that you have to segment or separate you’re market maybe by demographics, or psychographics, then you target those different segmentations to appeal to their needs, wants, ideas, etc. As i discussed in the above portion,  positioning refers to creating the perception of being different from your competitors. The McDonald’s video Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning – McDonald’s really teaches how McDonald’s approaches the STP concept. The video starts by showing how McDonald’s approach is different from others, then they show how they have segmented their market by demographics such as Gender, Race, and Age. They target the appeals of each one of their segmented demographics and describe how they create a different perception of their product to each one of their demographics. STP is a lot of work and for what the video showed it requires alot of research, but it has been very beneficial to McDonald’s.

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