09/18/2015 Class Takeaways

Unfortunately I was not available to attend the 09/18/15 class, but as I was reading over the learning plan I decided to do my takeaways on terms regarding the learning plan.


Brand Strategies: I believe this refers to the methods used on creating a successful brand for our product. Brand referring to how others perceive your product. The article 6 Brand Strategies Most CMOs Fail To Execute describes 6 branding strategies that seem simple, but through certain examples given throughout the article it’s easy to see how they can be forgiven. The first is to “See Consumer Engagement That Others Don’t”, meaning to not be how everyone else is, instead seek an engagement  from your consumers in a different, more meaningful way than your competitors. This might be hard to do because we typically want to follow the crowd, but we have to remember that we want to differentiate our self from our competitors, the article suggest to refresh the brand every year instead of every 3-5 years, so that we remain fresh in the consumer’s mind, with that said the 4th point is to have “Continuous Innovation with Flawless Timing and Execution”, meaning that we have to constantly keep updating our selves and our products to remain fresh, if we don’t do this we’ll fall behind to our competitors and we won’t be relevant any more. The second strategy is to  “ Establish An Identity That is Easily Relatable”, meaning to not complicate our brand. Let’s be focused and to the point, so that consumers don’t have to think too much about the brand, they should be able to relate to it quickly and without much thought. The third and fifth are points that we usually don’t think about but are important, they are to create “A Lifestyle Platform that Inspires People and Communicates Hope” and “Promote the Genuine Spirit of Giving”, we want to give consumers the feeling that they belong to something greater, something that inspires them to do better, and that belonging to that something greater is not only good for them but for others of the group as well. They scratch our back so we’ll scratch their back. The mix of all this different strategies can really help to create a succesful brand, but the main thing I got from reading the article is that we have to stay relevant to the present times in the consumer’s mind and heart.


CRM refers to focusing on meeting the needs of your customers. The video What is CRM? describes how CRM focuses on organizing, automating, and integrating the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service components of your business. This technology allows you to keep track of your marketing campaigns and how effective they were in regards to the sales made from that campaign. This way you can keep track of the growth of your business and see if the path you are heading is the right one or maybe there’s better paths you have found and decide to take a new way. The customer service portion of the CRM helps you make sure that all the needs of your customers are met, so if they have a problem you can help them solve it, and if you see that many people have the same problem you know that something needs to be fixed in order to keep your customers happy. So, with creating better marketing campaigns and keeping track of them to better suit your audience, as well as making sure their issues are resolved and prevent any future issues, you can make sure that all the needs of your customers are met.


In regards to Customer Service, there are two types Internal and External customer service. The article What Is an Internal Customer & a External Customer? does a great job explaining the differences. It describes how external customer service is the typical customer service we usually think about, a company representative attending the needs of a customer. This can be either in person, or by phone, or even through the internet. Basically any consumer is an external customer. They usually provide the revenue stream needed for the company to stay alive. Internal customer service refers to the customer service provided to employees of the company by the company it self. Usually we don’t think of internal customer service but it is very important. If a sales man needs to call the company to place an order, but he is not treated as important as another customer, or is not provided with good answers to his questions he will not be able to provide good customer service to his consumers, and might even decrease company morale since employees will not like each other. So, although external customer service is very important, internal customer service is as important because it keeps company morale up and it allows for better external customer service.

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