10/09/15 Class Takeaways

First: During class we discussed the triple constraint in regards to project management. This refers to the scope, time, and cost as referred to by  Scope, Time and Cost – Managing the Triple Constraint. The article explains that those three factors work like a triangle, you need all three sides to make up the triangle, […]

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Class Takeaways 10/06/15

First: Typically programmers are seen as some kind of wizard that can make a computer do pretty awesome things.  If we look at it from a business perspective those pretty awesome things can be the difference between you  getting the customers, or your competition getting the customers. If you can differentiate your self from your […]

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10/02/2015 Class Takeaways

First: I’m not a very artistic person, I can (sometimes) decide on what’s a good color for a website, or where to place the nav section, or small things like that. But when it comes to matching colors or the right font I typically struggle a lot. Especially with font, since to me they all […]

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09/29/2015 Class Takeaways

First: We have talked about how a brand is what people think of when they think about your product. If you have a negative brand that’ll hurt your product a lot, so creating the right brand is very important, and the things your brand says or the messages it portray say a lot about your […]

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