09/29/2015 Class Takeaways


We have talked about how a brand is what people think of when they think about your product. If you have a negative brand that’ll hurt your product a lot, so creating the right brand is very important, and the things your brand says or the messages it portray say a lot about your brand and helps shape people’s concept of your brand. This is called brand voice. The article Creating the right brand voice gives good points on how to accomplish the right brand voice for your brand, as well as explaining why a good brand voice is important. The main purpose I got out of the article is that a brand voice helps you differentiate your self from your competitor. If you say the same things that everyone else is saying, or you’re not unique people will classify you as just one of the group. But by creating your own unique voice it helps you differentiate your self from the rest. So how do we create that unique brand voice? one tip given was to define who you are after. Establish your target group and go after them. Once you have established your target demographic, think of three words that would connect to that demographic, and three words that limit the previous three words. The example given was Buffalo wild wings demographic is what they call a social captain, an 18-24 year old male who organizes his friends to meet at Buffalo wild wings. So they thought of the words:

  • Bold, but not arrogant.
  • Irreverent, but not offensive.
  • Loud, but not obnoxious.

and those words is what they use to portray the main message of their brand voice. Another tip they give is to listen to the way your demographic talks and use words they would use, that way you create a connection with them and they’re more willing to listen to your brand voice. So if they’re casual, use casual words, if they’re formal use formal words. The last tip they gave was to evolve. Evolution is common in business and that’s no exception for a brand voice. You don’t want to be forgotten in the past, so keep evolving your brand voice along with your demographic.


Typically when we think of marketing we think of expensive advertisements either on TV, or magazine, or online, etc. But there is another type of marketing that is usually cheaper in cost, but it involves a high level of energy, designing and launching. This type is called Guerrilla Marketing. Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing said in the article What Is Guerrilla Marketing? that “the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remain as always — achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money”.  When I heard his description one picture came to mind:

In this picture we see a whiter crossing line than the rest, with Mr. Clean’s image in it. This brighter crossing sign was probably much less expensive than making a TV advertisement, but because is something so out of the norm it became pretty viral on the internet, which probably reached lot’s more people than a typical TV commercial would.


Last class when we talked about using social media to brand your self was pretty interesting, since we usually just see branding as something business have to do, but we should do it our selves as well, since branding is just how people perceive a brand, so personal branding is how people see you. And how people see you can be key to you getting a job or not. The article The 5 keys to building a social media strategy for your personal brand gives a lot of good tips on how to create a good personal brand on social networks. Specially now a days that there are tons and tons of different social networks. One tip he gives is to have consistency between your different social networks. To have the same coloring scheme, or the same profile picture, or other similar characteristics between all the different social networks, this way you are easily identifiable and seem more organized. It also said to pick two or three things you are an expert at and focus your social media on sending the message that you are an expert at those things. That way you seem more knowledgeable as well. Along those lines it said to have as many followers as possible, one to reach as many people as possible, and two if you have lots of people following what you are saying it’ll make you look more like an expert at your expertise topics. One way to create followers is to post on a regular basis, the article mentioned how people who tweet a lot had the most followers, so it wasn’t so much about the content of the tweets but more about the number of tweets. They suggested 5 tweets per day and 2 Facebook posts per day. The article gave lots of other examples and techniques on personal branding, but for space sake I decided to mention just those two.

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