Class Takeaways 10/06/15


Typically programmers are seen as some kind of wizard that can make a computer do pretty awesome things.  If we look at it from a business perspective those pretty awesome things can be the difference between you  getting the customers, or your competition getting the customers. If you can differentiate your self from your competitor by being easier to find and buy from than them, you’ll have more business. simple. This is why the article Marketers Need to Learn to Code: How to Get Started was pretty good in describing the benefits of coding, and how to even start. They described how as a marketer you don’t have to live in the code like programmers, but with a good knowledge and understanding of code you can have a broader amount of ideas since you’ll know what’s available. You’ll also be able to talk directly to programmers more easily and communicate easier with them on what it is that you want your program or website to look like and do. And from a personal perspective, if you as a marketer know some coding, you have a personal advantage over another marketer that doesn’t, also if you need a quick fix on a program or website you can do it your self and fix it quicker than wait for a programmer to come (unless it’s a pretty big fix then you’ll need a programmer, but for the little things you’ll be set). I like how the article gives a good idea of how to start. Since a marketer you’ll probably focus more on websites and such, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should be the first three you should get to know and learn, and I agree with that since they’re your front end languages, they’re what makes the site look and behave like a site. The second set they advise should be the back end languages, what makes the website actually function, such as Ruby, Java, PHP, C++, and mySQL. I’m not really sure what Ruby is, if you want to focus on websites I think most of the focus should be on PHP and mySQL (they go hand in hand, you’ll need mySQL before PHP), since most websites go off of that. They advise to first talk to actual programmers, people who “live in the code” and get their perspective so that you can start learning as well. They recommended to take online classes such as and . We usually don’t think of how marketers could benefit from coding, but I think the article did a great job explaining why marketers should learn coding, and how to begin.


During the beginning of class we talked about the different types of software, and we saw how software is now across pretty much every aspect of our lives. From Video games, to entertainment with smart TV’s, to how we do our banking, to different tools we use for work and education such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. So, we can all agree that technology is a huge now, but it might be bigger than we think which according to the article Get Ready for the Future is why everyone (not just marketers as stated above) should learn to code. The article gives a pretty scary statistic, that unless we change the education system very radically right now, over 1 million jobs will go unfulfilled by 2020 in the programming world. The need for programmers is huge right now and those who know how to program make on average twice as much as those who don’t, but we all probably already knew that programmers are in high demand. why else should everyone learn to code? The article mostly makes the point that it’s because technology has taken over basically all the different fields of society. In the military world drones have given us a new perspective of the world, and with consumer drones we will soon see them everywhere delivering different things. In the medical field technology is allowing us to examine and treat patients better than a doctor could by him self. In banking mobile payments are becoming bigger and bigger, as well as online banking, and along with bitcoin paper currency might some day even be gone. The article gives lots of other ways that technology is taking over our life, and makes a good point that with technology taking over everything computers are the new paper and ink and programming the new literacy, what he means is that with the huge growth of technology, those who are not able to read and write code might some day be consider illiterate because of how much more important technology will be.


Before integrated web concepts I did not know what wordPress was, and after using it for different blogs I thought it was simply a blogging tool. But after hearing that it was also a great content management system (CMS) I was curios on what other CMS’s were out there. The article Top 10 Most Usable Content Management Systems gave other great alternatives and explained what made them different from others and what made them be in the top 10. It was interesting to see wordPress was number 1 because it’s fairly simple to use because of their great documentation. The article explained how for beginners who don’t know HTML or other languages it makes it easy to navigate in the backend and it’s pretty easy to learn to use, they gave other benefits such as easy to install and automatically updates, but I think the fact that it’s easy to use is probably what placed them as number one. Talking to a local business here in town, who has a website but very forgotten, they explained that they don’t use it much because it’s fairly hard to update since they don’t have any coding experience, so I think usability is probably the most important part of a CSM.

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