Late 09/24/2015 Class Takeaways

Take Away One: The Article Marketing Plans vs. Business Plans did a great job giving 5 steps on how to write a good marketing plan. They first make the distinction that a business plan tells you about the entire business, how sales, products, the financial plan, overall strategy, target market, etc. all relate to one another. Where […]

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10/09/15 Class Takeaways

First: During class we discussed the triple constraint in regards to project management. This refers to the scope, time, and cost as referred to by  Scope, Time and Cost – Managing the Triple Constraint. The article explains that those three factors work like a triangle, you need all three sides to make up the triangle, […]

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Class Takeaways 10/06/15

First: Typically programmers are seen as some kind of wizard that can make a computer do pretty awesome things.  If we look at it from a business perspective those pretty awesome things can be the difference between you  getting the customers, or your competition getting the customers. If you can differentiate your self from your […]

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10/02/2015 Class Takeaways

First: I’m not a very artistic person, I can (sometimes) decide on what’s a good color for a website, or where to place the nav section, or small things like that. But when it comes to matching colors or the right font I typically struggle a lot. Especially with font, since to me they all […]

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09/29/2015 Class Takeaways

First: We have talked about how a brand is what people think of when they think about your product. If you have a negative brand that’ll hurt your product a lot, so creating the right brand is very important, and the things your brand says or the messages it portray say a lot about your […]

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09/22/15 Class Takeaways

First: During our project work time we were working on our mission statement, and it was fairly hard to understand the concept and need of one, as well as to come up with one. The article Answer 4 Questions to Get a Great Mission Statement helped understand why we need one as well as how to actually […]

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09/18/2015 Class Takeaways

Unfortunately I was not available to attend the 09/18/15 class, but as I was reading over the learning plan I decided to do my takeaways on terms regarding the learning plan. First: Brand Strategies: I believe this refers to the methods used on creating a successful brand for our product. Brand referring to how others […]

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